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The art of the modern cold call

by Georgie Smallwood~ Founder of Auxilia

5 characteristics of great cold emails below:

They are short

As a general rule, the best outreaches are between 50–200 words long.

They briefly cover five things

• Intro of the founder(s)

• Problem the business is solving

• How they are solving it

• Traction so far

• The round (if any)

They have clear formatting

Avoid the wall of text. Instead use line spaces, bullets, or numbering.

They include any attachments upfront

Reduces the need for emails being sent back and forth and saves time for everyone.

The attachment is created in the founders preferred tool

VCs (incl. myself) talk about notion/memos/loom/Q&A etc., but what it really comes down to is which format you as a founder think communicates your business in the best possible way. VCs will adapt.

Bonus: They are being sent

There is nothing less useful than a cold email being stuck in the draft folder!!!!


This content was taken from @axeliaklein on Twitter. She says if you don’t know who to send a cold msg to is always open!

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