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Auxilia Women: Hannah Wickes

Empowering Growth Through Opportunity for Women Founders and Entrepreneurs

In our ongoing commitment to celebrating exceptional individuals who are making a significant impact, we proudly highlight Hannah Wickes, a valued member of the Auxilia Global community. Through her remarkable initiative, "Opportunity Seeker," Hannah is not only connecting untapped opportunities for growth but also advocating for and supporting women founders and entrepreneurs.

Empowering Growth Hannah Wickes, an esteemed member of the Auxilia Global community, is leading the charge with her initiative, Opportunity Seeker. This weekly newsletter serves as a dynamic roundup of opportunities across various fields, including tech, climate, communications, and the non-profit sectors. Hannah's dedication is evident in her mission to empower individuals to expand their careers, amplify their impact, and contribute positively to their communities.

Championing Equitable Access Hannah's vision goes beyond uncovering opportunities—it's about creating an inclusive landscape where everyone can thrive. As a part of Auxilia Global, she is a driving force in promoting equal access to growth opportunities, particularly for women founders and entrepreneurs. By making these opportunities visible and accessible, Hannah is actively breaking down barriers and contributing to a more equitable professional environment.

A Visionary Approach Hannah's journey began with the realisation that countless opportunities for growth and impact often go unnoticed. Her commitment to sharing these hidden gems demonstrates her visionary approach to empowering individuals and fostering a more inclusive and collaborative future.

The Opportunity Seeker newsletter serves as a testament to Hannah's dedication to creating a world where all voices are heard and valued. Her belief in the power of visibility and connection has the potential to transform the professional journeys of countless women in the entrepreneurial realm.

Creating a Network of Belonging As a member of the Auxilia Global community, Hannah Wickes is well-versed in the significance of connections and mutual support. By sharing opportunities that might have otherwise remained in the shadows, she is actively cultivating a network where women founders and entrepreneurs can find their rightful place and sense of belonging.

Join the Movement Hannah's impact is magnified through her active participation in the Auxilia Global community, where advocating for women's growth and empowerment is a shared mission. We invite you to connect with Hannah Wickes on LinkedIn to learn more about her journey. Additionally, you can subscribe to the Opportunity Seeker newsletter here to be a part of the movement she's leading.

Let's celebrate Hannah's commitment to supporting women founders and entrepreneurs, making opportunities visible, and creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Her role as a member of Auxilia Global exemplifies the power of collaboration, advocacy, and positive change.

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