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Auxilia Women: Rachel Dowling

Rachel Dowling: Empowering Conversations with Equal Time

In the dynamic world of technology and leadership, Rachel Dowling shines as the CEO and Co-founder of Equal Time, a trailblazing conversational intelligence tool for virtual meetings. With a stellar career spanning 15 years in product and program management, Rachel's journey has been defined by her passion for innovation and her commitment to fostering inclusive and inspiring conversations.

Equal Time, Rachel's brainchild, is a powerful solution designed to enhance the efficiency and inclusivity of conversations held on digital platforms like Zoom, MSTeams, and Google Meet. The tool's conversational intelligence empowers individuals and teams to communicate effectively, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. The impact of Equal Time extends beyond just the words spoken – it cultivates a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives thrive.

As CEO, Chief Product Officer, and Founder of Equal Time since 2021, Rachel's leadership resonates with her dedication to fostering growth. Her role as a passionate leader and advisor has been cemented by her successful track record in high-growth environments. Prior to Equal Time, Rachel served as the VP of Product at Trust You, leading a team of over 70 engineers, product managers, and designers. Her leadership style is characterised by empowerment and clear direction, embodying the belief that strong teams are the cornerstone of successful products- and that is exactly what she has built at Equal Time.

Rachel's core competencies encompass a wide spectrum of skills, from product management and agile delivery to entrepreneurship and team development. Her diverse background spans Education Technology, B2B and B2C SaaS, AI-based products, mobile applications, and cloud solutions. Holding a BA from Stanford University and an MSc in Comparative and International Education from the University of Oxford, Rachel's educational foundation complements her expertise in the tech world.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Rachel's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry is noteworthy. Equal Time's mission to make conversations more inclusive aligns seamlessly with her values. As an influential figure, Rachel's leadership not only drives product innovation but also inspires future leaders, especially women, to pursue their passions fearlessly.

Currently, Equal Time is in an exciting phase, actively raising a round of funding. The startup's mission to create a more inclusive recruitment process through AI resonates with investors who share the vision of a more diverse and equitable future. Early-stage investors active angel investors and family offices who seek to be part of this AI-driven revolution are invited to join Rachel on her journey.

Rachel Dowling's impact on the world of technology, leadership, and inclusivity is nothing short of remarkable. Her role as the CEO and Co-founder of Equal Time exemplifies her commitment to empowering conversations, fostering growth, and creating positive change. Through her work, Rachel is a beacon of inspiration for women and aspiring leaders around the globe.

For more information about Equal Time and their mission, please visit or reach out directly to Rachel via

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